The best is yet to come, but 2019 has been eventful (no pun intended) for Vesta’s sales traction for the event creators and also the event seeker-customer acquisition. Vesta is currently in Level 10 // Inbound Marketing with The Startup Collaborative. Please read co-founders Andrew Prystai and Billy Martin of Vesta’s most recent growth highlights, lessons learned and what early 2020 looks like. 


1) What are your most recent wins to highlight?


Andrew Prystai & Billy Martin: We’re on track to end the year on a high note, continuing to add multiple new organizations weekly on free accounts (able to create and organize events like Eventbrite), or paid accounts (able to access our automated local promotion network). Most recently, that includes DJ’s Dugout’s 5 locations, Ronald McDonaldHouse, Burke’s Pub, Omaha Lancers, PRSA Omaha, and dozens more across all types of industries! 


We’re going to be close to surpassing 100 total organizations that have signed up and posted events to Vesta by year-end, and we’ve had a number of meetings with some well-known event organizers here in town and are optimistic we’ll have a lot of exciting news in early 2020.


2) Over the last few months, what have you learned and what has growth looked like for Vesta?


Andrew Prystai & Billy Martin: Our growth has continued steadily to end 2019 with continued growth in free user accounts, free organization accounts, and paying organization accounts, with week-over-week growth between 5-10%. We’ve learned over this time that no one questions the problem we’ve found, with countless businesses expressing that we’ve uniquely solved the exact issue they have and are incredibly excited that many of these businesses have now bought into that solution. We’ve done this by making it easy for people to find out what’s happening in Omaha, while thoroughly automating local event promotion for event organizers.


3) How do you foresee 2020’s runway?


Andrew Prystai & Billy Martin:  In 2020 we have two big goals:

  1. Start bringing on more users to find events on Vesta before any other platform. A key piece of this is promoting our Group Recommendations feature (automatically finding the top 5 events your group will want to do together) and powering it up with a mobile app and new features to remove any excuse to not go to events with others.  

  2. Expansion. We plan to start rolling out in other cities around the midwest throughout next year and aim to be moving into the Southwest and Rocky Mountain region by year-end.