As the new year begins, taking the opportunity to highlight spectacular growth from user traction, scaling in different markets and your team’s professional growth is ever so important. Time and being a founder doesn’t stop though, and neither does your desire to building great technology for users to come back for more! HerHeadquarters is currently in Level 10 // Inbound Marketing with The Startup Collaborative. Please read founder Carina Glover of HerHeadquarters’s most recent growth highlights, lessons learned and what early 2020 looks like. 


1) What are your most recent wins to highlight?


Carina Glover: HerHeadquarters recently launched in its 5th and 6th cities, Houston and San Francisco! We have users in all 6 cities we’ve launched in and across all 5 industries, we cater to. We’ve also had a major increase in the number of women from different countries requesting HerHeadquarters to expand. We’ve had requests from women in Sweden, Nigeria, Paris, and most frequently, Dubai. This is exciting as it supports our future plans of expanding into international markets and the demand is already there. 


We have a very collaborative team as well. In our earliest stages, our focus on team building through various activities and one-on-ones really strengthen our foundation and that’s something I’m very proud of. 


2) Over the last few months, what have you learned and what has growth looked like for HerHeadquarters?


Carina Glover: I’ve learned several things. A key lesson has been that with the role of being a CEO and a founder, I also need to be a leader and a coach. I’ve learned that relationship building within your team, is just as important as relationship building externally. I’ve always been a transparent person, which is generally a positive thing, but I’m learning that as a leader, I also have to know when someone doesn’t have the clearance to access certain company information. I’m learning the art of being transparent with supporters, team members, and media, while still protecting the company and not oversharing.


This year we’ve grown into a strong team of four. Each team member brings a different talent, perspective, and experience to the table, while our high levels of passion to grow HerHeadquarters is all in sync. Our user base has grown by 188% and 81% of brand partnerships secured on HerHeadquarters have been national (between users in two different cities). 


3) How do you foresee 2020’s runway?


Carina Glover: Early 2020 will really be about enhancing our current user’s experience and personalizing it for them. We also plan to strategically launch in additional major cities in the U.S. and expand our leadership team by adding on some new roles. 


In 2020, you’ll also see HerHeadquarters introducing experiences catered towards women entrepreneurs. While the app may be the center of our brand, we’re going to start to expand by not only impacting women entrepreneur’s collaboration experience but introducing them to the lifestyle of the empowered woman.