With the most exciting growth to come for AuditMare.ai, 2019 has been a year of tremendous advancement in the right direction. AuditMate.ai is currently in Level 9 // Outbound Sales with The Startup Collaborative. Please read co-founder’s Kelly Mann and Jason Bogner of AuditMate.ai’s most recent growth highlights, lessons learned and what early 2020 looks like. 


1) What are your most recent wins to highlight?


Kelly Mann:  We received a $35,000 grant from the state of Nebraska’s Department of Economic Development to be used for the development of our software product.  We’re currently building the program (coding) and working on the website, hopefully, to have our 1st version of the software ready in early 2020. We’ve also connected with quite a few CPA firms (potential customers) from around the country who are helping in the development of the software by way of feedback and trial runs.



2) Over the last few months, what have you learned and what has growth looked like for AuditMate.ai?


Kelly Mann: I’ve learned so much over the last few months, mainly around technology, program development, and sales.  I’ve started taking Computer Science 101 online so I can be better versed in the technology aspect of my company.  I’ve also learned how much thought and time goes into a sales strategy for a company, no small feat! Growth for us has been connecting with or strengthening our connection with our potential customers.  I’ve been doing very basic demonstrations on how the product will work and listening to the feedback from our customers. It’s so fulfilling to hear such positive responses and excitement around our software.


3) How do you foresee 2020’s runway?


Kelly Mann: We’ll launch our beta product in the early spring of 2020 along with our inbound sales campaign.  I’ll be very busy doing demonstrations, listening to our customers’ feedback, and learning how to navigate a B2B SaaS company.  I’m also eager to start mapping out what our version 2 will look like and how it will provide more value to our customers.