Co-Founders Jean Douchey and Carl Frazee of My Game Day Collections highlight their most recent growth, lessons learned and what early 2020 looks like. 


1) What are your most recent wins to highlight?


Jean Douchey and Carly Frazee:  We launched with 5 styles in November and have started fulfilling orders. Of those who have ordered, they have been pleased with their purchase and enjoy having the option to choose their favorite teams logo.


2) Over the last few months, what have you learned and what has growth looked like for My Game Day Collections?


Jean Douchey and Carly Frazee: We have learned as a small company, it is too expensive to design and manufacture apparel in the U.S. in small quantities. Our growth in product sales has come mostly from word of mouth. From a personal perspective, we have grown the most in our marketing knowledge/experience. Within the past month, we have learned about facebook ads, person-to-person marketing, and other marketing opportunities


3) How do you foresee 2020’s runway?


Jean Douchey and Carly Frazee: We are very excited to showcase our new apparel styles for 2020 (which will be able to be seen online in 2020), and we will be more aggressive with our search engine marketing and optimization.