Meet Andrew Prystai and Billy Martin, co-founders of Vesta. Vesta is making it easy to find out what’s happening in Omaha (by yourself or with friends), and for local businesses and nonprofits to break through the social media noise to drive more attendees to their events, while enhancing brand awareness and recognition in an age when most marketers believe that live events are the single most effective marketing channel for companies. 


It’s always important to celebrate wins as an entrepreneur. And also reflecting on how you got there so that you can automate your proven outcomes. This is what Andrew and Billy are doing right now. They are currently in LEVEL 9 // Outbound Sales with The Startup Collaborative and seeing exciting validation and conversions within their most recent sales campaign. 


Here at TSC, we focus on building a sales strategy to deliver the most relevant messaging to your primary customer persona and then optimize your sales scripts and/or sequences to match the decision-makers’ buying process. Let’s hear how Vesta has optimized for a successful 30 days sprint. 


TSC: Andrew and Billy, what are you most excited about right now?

Vesta: We are excited that we’re officially launched and have paying customers using our platform to drive more attendees to their events, and new customers to their businesses. It has been fun to see how opportunities are reacting to the messaging and service offerings we deliver. Results speak louder than words. 


TSC: What exactly are you offering those customers?:

Vesta: Our primary service for businesses and organizations is called The Promotional Hub, which event organizers use to blast out their event promotions across all of the top event pages in their city. In Omaha that includes the event pages of The Omaha World Herald, Visit Omaha, Omaha Magazine, and several others, which all combine to reach an audience of over 200,000 people each month!


TSC: How are you structuring your day/week?

Vesta: It’s always a mix of customer outreach (& follow-ups), customer meetings/demos, with our time in between used for tracking customer feedback and refining our messaging and materials.

With respect to product improvements, we have an all-hands meeting daily to discuss customer feedback, new tools and features to make sure we’re building the software app our customers want and come back using. It is the repeat usage that our clients want and what Vesta wants to validate product-market fit. 


TSC: What were your primary goals for this most recent sales campaign?

Vesta: The biggest one was getting the validation that matters most for a software platform like Vesta – paying customers. We had spoken with plenty of organizations who said they would pay for Vesta once we finished building it, but that only means so much until we’re able to actually close those deals.


In addition to bringing on paying customers, we spent a lot of time refining our messaging and will continue to do that for the foreseeable future. Almost all organizations that host a few events a year come to understand the unique value that Vesta offers once we get the chance to talk with them in person. Unfortunately, we’re scheduling most meetings by email or phone, so we have to choose our words wisely in order to both educate and intrigue a cold prospect enough to find time in their busy schedules to meet with us. This is something TSC has lent a great deal of help with. Not losing sight of things like our different “Customer Personas” and highlighting the different benefits we provide to customers based on their varying pain points really is key. When we do this well we see that lightbulb moment for our customers, which takes our offering from slightly confusing to a no-brainer. Simply put, “know your customers and speak their language.” 


TSC: What does your next 30 days forecast look like? 

Vesta: Over the next 30 days, we’d like to bring on at least twice as many organizations as we currently have. We know from our customer interactions that we are bringing significant value to organizers in Omaha, and we want to continue expanding here while also making in-roads into Lincoln and potentially another market or two. Additionally, all of the events we promote are advertised on our website, which we want to drive people looking for events and activities to do to go to and sign up for free. We have over 150 events and activities going on over the next month or so, and we have a lot of cool features that make finding things to do individually and with friends really easy.


So whether you’re hosting an event or looking events to attend, we’ve built an online marketplace to help! And you can find it at