As you get to know The Startup Collaborative team and the founders in the fellowship, you can always see the energy and focus on building sustainable companies. With the focus comes a deep understanding of one’s customer and the market in which they operate in. With that customer knowledge and market validation, TSC matches up local and national opportunities for the fellows to participate in. We invest smarter in growing startups that are ready. 


Through product or sales momentum of each fellow’s business, they earn their way to be client-facing! It’s refreshing to provide valuable opportunities to form in-person connections in an increasingly digital world. Our goal is always to de-risk each intrapreneurial pursuit so we covered the cost for the event entry fee or make professionally printed pullup banners for the company or run digital ads to help promote the brand for pre and post-conference promotion or even attend the event as an extension of their team. The TSC team is here to support the fellows to radically improving the odds of success. Success is not overnight and doesn’t arrive without experiments, learning, customer focus and value creation. 


Here is an overview of the latest events our fellows participated: 


Omaha Fashion Week Pop Up Market –

One of our most recent event incentives was the Omaha Fashion Week Pop Up Market for the rise of our uniquely diverse direct-to-consumer companies that are transforming how we shop and how consumers make decisions online. Overall, the event was a success for each company and we all walked away with real customer acquisition and new partnerships in our sales funnel. Here is the list of companies that participated:


Stature – Event Headliner. Stature is custom-tailored clothing for taller women looking to embrace their height and love of fashion. How Stature works is 1) Select your style 2) Enter your lengths for customized fit 3) Stand tall to walk proud and rule the world. 

Chant Bags – Chant is an online shop combining fashion and sustainability through plastic bags made of recycled materials that are stadium and concert ready. You can pass through security lines with ease and style with Chant eco-friendly collection of clear bags that are stadium approved for your favorite live events. 

Scribe – Scribe is an online shop to buy and send greeting cards that are heartfelt without the hassle. They’re eliminating the worry of forgetting that special someone’s birthday — all the while supporting independent artists. You’ll never miss a chance to show you care.   

My Game Day Collections – My Game Day Collections is an online shop selling fully customized gameday clothing for women. They are helping you stand out in the crowd with fun, unique style pieces. Their process is simple – 1) Shop online to plan your game day attire 2) Choose your logo from a variety of team logos 3) Look your best to show pride and passion for your team.

HerHeadquarters – HerHeadquaters is a game-changing collaborating application for women entrepreneurs and freelancers within the fashion, beauty, entertainment, events and public relations industries. The application itself is a digital Rolodex of local and national brand partnerships to coordinate and work with like-minded fellow female entrepreneurs. Learn more about your premium pricing here and how powerful and convenient the process is to secure a big collaboration. 


Tech Crunch – 

As TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF conference is a requested destination for all startups in the U.S. It was exciting to hear RetailAware was accepted to the Startup Alley which is the heart of Disrupt SF where over 1,000 pre-series A startups and sponsors across all verticals showcased their tech products, platforms and services. Our very own co-founder of TSC, Erica, had the privilege to represent RetailAware to help advise and share how their technology can help brands and retailers measure consumer behavior and retail execution in real-time. 


Start Omaha – 

With Omaha becoming increasingly familiar and friendly toward entrepreneurial pursuits, programs like Do Space’s Start Omaha event provide countless resources for the startup inclined. This week-long event provides valuable drop-in work sessions for early-phase startups, where first-time and veteran entrepreneurs can ask questions, brainstorm on customer acquisition strategies, formulate pitch decks and more. 


Start Omaha’s opening night was kicked off with informative conversations from Dundee Venture Capital’s Allie Esch and serial-entrepreneur Brian Ardinger as Director of Innovation at Nelnet and founder with InsideOutside podcast. Immediately following, three of our Fellows participated in a “Pseudo-Slam”, presenting their companies to the diverse audience of industry experts and soon-to-be entrepreneurs. Paska Juma of Jamila and Billy Martin of Event Vesta began the presentations, with Xavier Jackson of Showcase rounding out the pitches. With a lively and inquisitive audience, all three teams were able to answer questions and receive feedback on their go-to-market strategies, strengthening future iterations of their pitch deck content — with one lucky participant receiving a free Professional Membership to Do Space.


1 Million Cups Omaha and Lincoln –

1MC Omaha and Lincoln is a perfect opportunity to share your traction and business model with a very engaged audience. 1MC is a free event to drink coffee, learn about local startups, ask questions and empower entrepreneurs with tools and resources to break down barriers that stand in the way of growing your company. Here are the TSC fellows that have recently presented:


Job Share Connect – Job Share Connect is working with employers to help them recruit and retain top talent by offering job sharing as a flexible work option. JSC is building the “unicorn employee” with two people. If you’re not familiar with job sharing, it’s when two people share the roles and responsibilities of one full-time position. Job sharing allows employees a way to maintain their career path while having the additional flexibility they need throughout different stages of their lives. Job Share Connect matches talent using a validated selection process to match job share pairs of similar and/or complementary skills based on the needs of a specific position. 

FileFuseFileFuse optimizes collaboration between audio engineers and their clients. They enable real-time feedback to manage files and get paid in one centralized hub.