Often, startup stories focus more on the product and company than they do the people that made them possible. We at The Startup Collaborative have found that our mission statement to allow everyone an unbiased investment thesis to building their own tech-centric company allows us to step aside and let the entrepreneurs be center stage. The Behind the Founder campaign is meant to do just that —  let the stories of those who call themselves TSC Fellows be told from their own perspective.

What’s your name?

Andrew Prystai

Where are you from?

Omaha, NE

How did your upbringing influence you today?

My family is filled with entrepreneurs – including my mom and step-dad. I think seeing it first hand, the good and the bad, always made me interested in the “career path” of being an entrepreneur.

Whether you’ve met them or not, who is one REAL person that has influenced you?

Beyond my family one of my professors at Creighton, Dr. Kauzlarich, heavily influenced me deciding to go full bore on entrepreneurship and helping equip me with the skills I needed to succeed (and was also helped in large part by a number of other AWESOME professors at Creighton)

Who is one FICTIONAL character that has inspired your life/career and why?

I’d have to say Dumbeldore because he showed great character, compassion, and curiosity – three qualities that I believe are essential as a great leader and entrepreneur.

From a sketch on a napkin to officially starting up, what triggered the inception of your company?

Breakthrough Weekend got me to take the plunge from a concept into a company – and from there we’ve kept going from the market validation and momentum we’ve built.

How did the founding team meet?

Network introductions

Within The Startup Collaborative, what level was the most challenging for you, your company and why?

Level 8 was our most challenging because we had to demonstrate why we were building features and figuring out was necessary vs what wasn’t. It’s a brutal process to cut the unnecessary features – but incredibly valuable.

Within The Startup Collaborative, what level has been the most rewarding for you, your company and why?

Level 9 – it was awesome to take our haphazard sales and marketing language and start refining it into a potent message!

Presently, what does a typical day look like for you and your company?

A mix of building the product and talking to customers to get them on board and making sure we continue to build the right thing

What’s next for you and your company?

Scaling in Omaha for Vesta and then expanding into other markets

See? Everyone Can Startup!