Often, startup stories focus more on the product and company than they do the people that made them possible. We at The Startup Collaborative have found that our mission statement to allow everyone an unbiased investment thesis to building their own tech-centric company allows us to step aside and let the entrepreneurs be center stage. The Behind the Founder campaign is meant to do just that —  let the stories of those who call themselves TSC Fellows be told from their own perspective.

What’s your name?

Jean Douchey

Where are you from?

Omaha, NE

How did your upbringing influence you today?

My parents instilled in us the values of hard work, humility, and especially that you should give to others who have less.

Whether you’ve met them or not, who is one REAL person that has influenced you?

So many to choose – Winston Churchill (never give up), Abraham Lincoln (values), Coach John Wooden (ethics), and more recently, Brene Brown – be humble, courageous and stay in the ring even when it is tough

Who is one FICTIONAL character that has inspired your life/career and why?

I Love Lucy because she had spunk and was hilarious- and always pushing the limits

From a sketch on a napkin to officially starting up, what triggered the inception of your company?

My own frustrations with trying to find gameday apparel that was stylish, comfortable and made for women who wanted more than just a regular t-shirt.

How did the founding team meet?

Carly Frazee is my niece and she is always interested in finding solutions to problems in the community and we share the same values.

Within The Startup Collaborative, what level was the most challenging for you, your company and why?

Marketing – Level 10! Marketing is my weakness and it doesn’t come naturally like the “business/operations” part of the business

Within The Startup Collaborative, what level has been the most rewarding for you, your company and why?

Learning about the Lean Start Up methodology – pilot, pivot or pursue!

Presently, what does a typical day look like for you and your company?

Constantly juggling the little and big things for a startup, and planning what to do next such as review designs from our designer in Wales, discuss issues with production in Mexico, giving high schools and universities info so they can approve the use of their logos, website changes, and the list goes on.

What’s next for you and your company?

We launch in September so we really need to pursue SEO work, email marketing campaigns, and getting approval for logos! And then we will review success metrics to determine if we need to pivot or continue to pursue our current plans!

See? Everyone Can Startup!