Ly Phan is a Founder that isn’t afraid to make big moves when it comes to starting up. Originally from Vietnam and studying at the University of Nebraska Omaha, Ly has an undeniable entrepreneurial spirit. Her recent first-place finish at the annual Maverick Business Plan Competition allowed her to take the next steps towards turning NailedIt into a reality. With an oversized check in-hand and a reinforced sense that the nail salon industry could benefit from what she was working on, Ly joined up at The Startup Collaborative.

While we love technology-based solutions for markets looking to be disrupted, there is no reason to build that solution out unless the market is telling you to. Ly found that the nail salon industry didn’t just want this solution – they desperately needed it.

On the salon side, managing nail technicians without centralized management was inefficient due to multiple systems required. Managing appointments, payments, and notifications across multiple systems was tedious and archaic. The lack of communication protocols internally created lag for both employees and customers, but integrating new technology and the training processes towards how to use it efficiently aren’t always possible.

For the customer, when you get the perfect manicure with no wait time and a relaxing experience… it’s worth its weight in gold. Repeating that was the challenge.

NailedIt’s solution? A mobile & web app allowing salon owners to manage multiple systems from a centralized app, making remote management and a professional appearance available at a low-cost entry point. For the customers, the app provides transparency towards the entire salon-going experience. The opportunity to pre-book with your previous technician helps to build a relationship that is not unlike that of a typical hair salon.

Ly had customer validation, a strong messaging grid based on where the market was currently at, but needed to find a partner to bring this solution to life. Her partnership with Will Ford, CEO and Founder of G13 Studios, has poised NailedIt’s founding team to efficiently move toward their future with fantastic role coverage. The NailedIt team continues to impress with their quick acceleration through our investment-thesis, but it’s their dedication to providing the right technology for all involved that promises to bring a solution to an industry looking to evolve.