In our current culture, it’s common for job-seekers to be expected on various job portal platforms. Through overwhelming customer validation and with an impressive BP 10 Builder Score, Chris Jones has found a way to change the way employees are able to present themselves online and communicate with potential employers.

Jones’s company Loophire, a participant of our FinTech Fellow Initiative, is putting more control back into the hands of job seekers and changing the way we go about the more archaic routine of sending out dozens of resumes and simply waiting to hear back from employers. Through the Loophire online platform, users are able to create video cover letters, emphasize the years of experience rather than their own self-assessments and even integrate a personality matching process to ideal careers and companies. Once these personalized profiles are set up, the next step is to elevate the immediacy of communication between those who are hiring and the job seeker that has matched with them and shows an interest in joining their company.

So when can you expect to utilize this revolutionary platform? Loophire’s beta is expected to be released to a limited number of users and hiring professionals later this month, but we expect to be hearing some exciting updates from Loophire about an official launch early-to-mid summer.

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