As end consumers, we are generally unaware of the care and concern that goes into making the food products we love. We just expect that food brands make great food, with quality ingredients that we’ll enjoy. It rarely crosses our minds that something could have gone wrong with the ingredients.

While it isn’t top of mind for us, it is front and center for food manufacturers and brands. So much so that many of the top food brands – General Mills, Kraft-Heinz, Pepsico, and Conagra – require the manufacturers they work with to track every ingredient’s origin in every batch. This ensures that whatever happened between the field and a shopping cart, is accounted for.

This requirement, which is very clear in everyone’s best interest, places a difficult burden on small manufacturers. Right now, many small manufacturers use a paper-heavy, very manual process to track all the ingredients and batches. Unfortunately, it exposes everyone to risk.

Gordon Summers and Nathan Watson saw this challenge and recognized a solution that reduces everyone’s risk.

Their creation, Inventory Batch Tracker (IBT),  is a mobile-friendly web application designed to easily track the processing of ingredients into finished goods and quickly produce traceability reports if needed.  It’s akin to an insurance policy for each small manufacturer and their partners.

Inventory Batch Tracker has been a quick mover within The Startup Collaborative. Launched earlier this year, IBT has had multiple early collaborators including food manufacturing, coffee roasting, hemp/CBD oil production, and pet food.

Nathan Watson, Co-Founder is proud of their solution. “We are excited to have something to help those small to medium-sized manufacturers that can’t otherwise afford the cost prohibitive solutions currently on the market. We feel we have exceptional role coverage and are poised for success.”


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