The business world is seeing a unique cultural shift at the moment. The ability for employees to work what is deemed “non-traditional” hours is slowly becoming the norm, and most companies are incentivizing this ideal for the workforce. Being able to work remotely or with a more flexible schedule is showing massive improvements for productivity and overall job satisfaction.

One solution that many employers are utilizing? Job sharing! Being able to split a position with a partner allows each employee to have more options and flexibility when it comes to their lives. It also gives older employees an option to transition into retirement, while training their replacement. The ability to retain information and pass skills onto a successor has never been more attainable. 

Jina Picarella and Jessica Charlsen, co-founders of Job Share Connect, have built a platform utilizing their shared wealth of knowledge and immense customer validation, making job sharing a reality for our communities. Through Job Share Connect, employees are able to be matched with potential job share partners, and employers can follow-through with a comprehensive onboarding and coaching process.

With Job Share Connect, the power to take ownership of your professional and personal life is now back in your hands.

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