Congratulations to Certified Cell, led by Jason DeWater and Joshua Hample, on their rapid growth.

The team has set a new record, triggering TSC’s funding in less than 180 days since they started customer discovery in LEVEL 1. They launched their beta platform shortly before March and have already sold more than 100 devices.

Our preseed funding thesis is intentionally black-and-white. One fellow calls it “the defined path to investment dollars.” If a fellow meets certain growth thresholds, well defined in our methodology, they earn the capital.

Learn more about Certified Cell here

We’d be remiss if we didn’t express how thankful for Chris, Dan and Betsy Murphy’s investment into our initial preseed fund: the Murphy Vision Funds, in partnership with First Westroads. The Murphys are truly visionary impact investors making smarter bets in Nebraska startups.

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