Succession planning is one of the most painful processes for business owners and leaders. It has a powerful domino effect when done well but when ignored, which it often is, it can be paralyzing for a business.


Most leaders assume succession planning is regulated to the C-suite. It’s a dangerous assumption to make, especially when an organization loses a critical teammate or legacy employee. Process documentation becomes the least of an executive’s worries at that point. Restaffing and retraining are expensive and time-consuming.


The truth is that succession planning is a challenge that faces all levels of an organization. Dream Catcher helps business owners and executives increase capacity amongst their talent in order to transition (or propel)  the business through its various phases from startup to succession planning.


Founded by QLI exec Tinashe “Nash” Mahupete, Dream Catcher’s leadership coaching program helps close gaps in team members who better understand how to attain goals that match their aspirations as well as your company’s KPIs.


He’s working on the wireframes now and looking forward to launching later this year.

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