We don’t actually spend much time drawing wireframes in the LEVEL 4 // MVP work session. That would be rash. Rather, we spend time revisiting the unique value proposition – the one thing that will distinguish and separate your concept from others – and talking through the fundamentals of the wireframing process. First, we review what a wireframe is by de-constructing prominent web sites into basic shapes and building blocks. Then, we talk about the roles necessary to support the unique value proposition – and the likely preferred interface that these roles will consume the application. Huh? Let me give you an example. 🙂

Leash just recently had their LEVEL 4 // MVP work session. Leash’s unique value proposition is “Pets have places to be and so do you”. Clever, for sure, and big time validated with their customers – pet owners. The Leash app allows you to request a ride for your pet by offering on-demand or scheduled and repeat rides while ensuring safety, convenience and peace of mind for both you and your pet. Pet owners will be an obvious role within their application, and the data suggests that these folks will want to interface Leash through an app on their phone. That decision means that the wireframes that we will draw will need to be scaled down to support a smaller screen, likely in “portrait” mode, with the primary interface being clicking buttons – not using the keypad to input large volumes of data with two thumbs. These are very, very important decisions to make before we sketch.

Ok, cool. Ready to sketch? Not quite. Next up are User Stories, which are basic requirements of the features and functions required that support the unique value prop. For version 1.0, the application must be able to support the ability for a pet owner to request either a scheduled ride or an impromptu ride with a certified, pet-friendly driver. Yes, there are a few additional things that have to happen but this is where we start. Now that we’ve covered those fundamentals, the Leash team knows EXACTLY what to wireframe. Wireframing itself is easy, but knowing exactly what to wireframe is challenging. Based on this insight, Leash is now ready to start. 

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