As Founder Carina Glover preps for the official launch of her collaborative platform, HerHeadquarters, she has been encouraged by customer adoption… even before the platform is live.

Carina, a fellow we have said time and time again is easy to bet on, strategically planned a pre-launch effort to cultivate customers. And, it is working!

HerHeadquarters is a destination for entrepreneurs in fashion, beauty, marketing, events and PR in Los Angeles, New York City and technologists in Nebraska, to share projects, build stronger teams and ultimately grow their businesses through strategic collaborations.

Women on the platform, all vetted and verified as top-notch pros, known for great work, are called Allies. Through HerHeadquarters, allies can share project details – almost like a traditional RFP – so others can join the team.

HerHeadquarters helps all allies quickly improve the robustness and quality of their work, gain new clients in other markets and scale up their team to earn more business.

Who are three women you know that would add value to collaborations? Visit HerHeadquarters.App for more details on how to make them allies.

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