LOTS of people buy cell phones from individuals on Craigslist or eBay. Sounds safe, right? Turns out many of these phones are stolen or permanently “locked” because of software restrictions.

This is a massively widespread problem – and something that Joshua and Jason are keen to solve. This very complimentary duo (Joshua is all business, Jason is all tech) are blazing through The Startup Collaborative methodology with a clever solution that plays perfectly with Jason’s current day job. He’s the owner and founder of iFixOmaha. You’ll soon see how that important fact fits into this startup story.

Certified Cell is a peer-to-peer cell phone marketplace with a clever twist. All phones offered for sale on their platform are – you guessed it! – certified. A seller walks into any iFixOmaha location with a phone to sell. The iFixOmaha staff runs that phone thru a comprehensive diagnostic. Is the phone stolen? Is the phone locked? Is the phone wiped clean of all personal data? Which carrier is that phone eligible to work with? If the phone checks out, it becomes available for sale on Certified Cell. Any potential buyer now has a piece of mind that the phone is safe and legitimate, and pick up the phone at an area iFixOmaha literally the day they buy it.

This team just wrapped up LEVEL 8 // Product Management and should complete the peer-to-peer selling functionality in the coming weeks. Ready to make some extra bucks on that extra phone you’ve got lying around? Dust it off, and get ready to have it certified for sale on CertifiedCell.com.