Just before December, more than 20 entrepreneurs were accepted into the Fintech Fellows Initiative and began the challenging journey of solving major issues facing small businesses financial well being. To date, more than half of these entrepreneurs have received enough early market feedback that their solution is worth carrying forward. We have been impressed with the caliber of solutions and the caliber of entrepreneurs stepping up.

Some noteworthy teams and solutions briefly described below.

Solving for operational growth and staffing…

  • Bench, hospitality on-demand staffing and scheduling marketplace
    Led by a Union Pacific head of UX
  • loophire, hiring process and talent acquisition solution
    Led by a team professional recruiters
  • Plus One, aggregate data and comparative insights for hiring
    Led by United Bank professional
  • Work in Progress, a jobshare marketplace
    Led by an expat of Hayneedle/Omaha Steaks and an organizational psychologist

Solving for invoice and payment capture…

  • B2Gig, a money management platform for the gig worker
    Led by ACI expats and V2Verify founders
  • BatchTracker, a co-manufacturer lot traceability platform
    Led by Conagra Foods expat and CAN Analytics CEO
  • Delta Financial Group, back office platform for independent contractors
    Led by Fiserv expat and longtime banking consultant
  • EZPayInvoice, customer list management and payments platform
    Led by former Burlington Capital developer
  • fomopay, mobile-based invoicing and payment capture
    Led by First National teammate and a founder of Prairie Cloudware
  • IAN, text scheduler and invoice platform
    Led by self-taught web developer and freelancer, and former professional poker player

Solving for succession planning…

  • Root$, agriculture lending succession planning tool
    Led by Chadron-based ag lending team

Solving for challenges understanding industry comparative insights and benchmarks…

  • (Concept name TBD), predictive cash flow engine and concierge service
    Led by a Prairie Smarts founder and finance management psychologist
  • Proforma, financial forecasting collaboration tool
    Led by Multimechanics chief operator
  • ClickTargeter, performance-driven sales optimizer
    Led by expat from MindMixer and DataUSA
  • Time and Invoice Tracker, profit center analysis tool
    Led by self-taught web developer and freelancer

On Thursday, January 17, five of the teams mentioned above will earn $10,000 of capital to help with their initial product build. Please join us at the All Rise Rally to celebrate this early milestone.