Brittany Ware, one of our freshest Nebraska-bred Fintech fellows, is a wonderful addition to our TSC tribe. She joined the class of 25+ fintech founders this month, and she’s already made it clear that she means business, treading through LEVEL 3 // Messaging this week and pushing the startup limits. As a UNL grad, she joins us after accruing a rich background as a commercial analyst at American National Bank and currently working as a credit analyst with United Republic Bank. Brittany stepped forward to help business owners in the region find the right people at the right time with her concept, Plus1.

A staffing decision support engine, Plus1 will help business owners tackle the challenge of taking that hiring leap. Knowing when you’re ready – both from a cash flow and growth standpoint – is not always black and white. Plus1 helps business owners make smarter decisions on when to hire so their company can achieve the next level of growth. With her established background in banking and finance, we’re excited to see where a strong founder like Brittany takes this exciting new concept.