Hours, weeks, maybe months spent perfectly crafting the financial model that correctly articulates your startup’s ability to hockey stick while making sure your assumptions don’t do that nasty thing that assumptions tend to do.

Sound familiar founders? Bet so.

Carissa Castro, currently the operations lead at MultiMechanics, wants to make sure she’s not the lone startup operator that has felt that pain.

She knows, thanks to the Fintech Fellows Initiative, that traditional small and mid-size businesses have felt the pain, especially as they angle for a new capital infusion. Her addressable market could be huge. But, first, she wants to know “do startup founders face the same dilemma?”

Carissa will test out her value prop and prototype in the upcoming months. Right now, she’s eager to help founders make smarter future growth assumptions, even without past performance data, in order to secure necessary growth capital.

She wants to build a financial modeling tool help founders investor-proof their assumptions so they can more accurately articulate use of funds, runway, and revenue projections. In short, she wants to help you prove your hockey-stick potential.

If you’re a high-growth founder, seeking or having raised venture capital previously, please help Carisa out by offering your feedback on her solution here.