Not all software-as-a-service models are created equal. Therefore, one-size-fits-all expectations of monthly subscription pricing models won’t work in every market. At least that is what Looking Glass Founder Andy Cockle founder while pricing testing as part of LEVEL 5.

Andy’s product, a court-compliant legal brief Automator software-as-a-service platform, helps attorneys and paralegals craft legal briefs right every time. If you’re not in the legal industry, you might not realize that each legal brief is under scrutiny for much more than the arguments made within, formatting issues can be a game-changing setback.

Legal teams struggle to keep the judge focused on the argument they’re making due to errors on page margins, headers, and even font choice. And, to complicate the process, each and every courtroom has their own rules and standards that legal teams must meet.

With Looking Glass legal teams input the content of a brief and the software automatically tailors it to each court’s requirements.

Andy worked with several potential customers to better understand which pricing model would be most acceptable to their legal practice.

  • One option: a monthly subscription that allowed teams up to a set number of briefs.
  • The second: pay-as-you-go for each brief for a fixed rate.
  • And the third: an annual rate that allowed unlimited uses.

This process revealed more insights on the number of briefs submitted to each courtroom by each attorney, ultimately helping Andy (and his future customers) determine that initial pricing will be a pay-as-you-go model for a fixed rate per brief.