A talented group of financial-minded innovators joined us at TSC headquarters last night. Curious thinkers, well-seasoned founders – and many folks in between – all showed up to step forward, willing to solve validated Fintech problems we’ve researched and studied on their behalf. More than 20 new Fintech concepts were introduced, with fellows sharing their banking, finance, and corporate backgrounds and their startup impetus going forward. What an inspirational night it was, learning about all these talented locals who are ready to take the reins and guide these much-needed startup businesses forward.

They’re ready to identify customers, obtain solid feedback, and get their Minimally Viable Prototypes underway, and we’re waiting in the wings to help facilitate their next steps. Stay tuned to see what’s possible with these highly skilled founders. Thanks to all the special people at First National Bank for having our back on this initiative and carrying these ideas onward. The banking world has some big changes coming to it! We can’t wait to help these disrupters get their concepts off the ground.