Ben Jackson is an intelligent, passionate leader and adjunct who’s been by TSC’s side since day one, helping early-stage startups grow. He leads our LEVEL 9 // Outbound Sales module. He guides fellows through possible blind spots in their sales technique, and provides proven strategies to empower startup sales folks. He’s got a rich background of experience, including education in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Standford’s Graduate School of Business, he helped grow national sales at LinkedIn, and he’s started several businesses of his own. So you can imagine our thrill when he signed up to join the TSC program as a fellow!

Even though he’s already balancing his role as a TSC adjunct, working a full-time job, and raising a family, he’s still felt the desire to step forward and start up. In partnership with his co-founder, Alex, he’s currently working through early customer discovery for his concept, PaidUp, an idea that stems from pain points he recognized in his work. PaidUp will provide a technology-based tool that helps businesses whose clients struggle with credit checks, paperwork processes, or other limitations.

We officially welcomed him into the program on November 13, and there’s no doubt, given his experience and drive, this adjunct and fellow will turn PaidUp into something big.