We’re lucky enough to have LeverageRx as residents in our cozy TSC HQ, They’re behind the #1 lending and insurance platform for medical professionals specifically. This week, they participated in a LEVEL 9 // Outbound Sales workshop. While the team already actively (and successfully) practices outbound sales, there’s always room for improvement in the world of startups. If there’s any sales pro who can elevate a team even higher through sales, it’s adjunct Ben Jackson.

The session was hands-on and eye opening. I didn’t realize how much science and art is involved in a sale. Ben worked the team through role play sessions, asked them tough questions, and challenged them to think deeply about the buyer.

While discussing sales pitches, Ben remarked with some memorable outbound sales wisdom – “Don’t spill your candy in the lobby.” AKA, don’t answer questions that have not been asked. You may just sell yourself out of a deal. Like I mentioned, such a balance of science and art. It sounds like the stellar sales team at LeverageRx gained plenty of insight with Ben, which will only bolster this startup’s success.