At TSC, we love problems – so much. That’s where our heart center lives. The cornerstone of our program is for new Fellows to tell us what problem exists and the type of solution they may be able to provide. But it’s never recommended to get too attached to an initial problem or assumption.

At this week’s fellow meetup, pictured here, a LEVEL 4 fellow said to some early-stage founders “Don’t fall in love with your problem.” Andy, a well-seasoned TSC fellow knows that customer discovery can lead to new insights, which informed his current concept even more. He had to pivot from his original problem assumptions based on deep insight he gained from early customer interviews. He’s a shining example of a founder who stepped up to solve a problem and he’s is doing a superb job! He’s currently moving through his Minimally Viable Prototype. We’re so grateful for his presence in the Fellowship.

Come meet up with us at our next All Rise Rally and meet some folks who care about the startup community like Andy. Hang out with Omaha’s brightest and most innovative people and talk more about our local startup tribe!