Keith Fix, the founder of Retail Aware, pitches the startup at Get Started Omaha.

In the last three months, Retail Aware’s growth has been nothing short of exceptional. Launching in 100+ markets, a new patent pending, and a well-aligned new team, RetailAware is poised to change the retail landscape.

Founder Keith Fix has always been an easy one to back, scoring in the top quartile of all entrepreneurs according to Gallup. Keith’s caliber of builder is more likely to create an Inc. 500 company, and we have a hunch he is onto that company right now.

His ability to hear customers, articulate their pains and assemble a chalk-full of value product is best seen in Retail Aware. It’s no surprise that he scored better than nearly 90 percent of the population as it relates to knowledge on the retail industry and retail merchandisers as customers.

Now this team, led by Keith and former TSC fellow and Ring Patrol Founder Andrew Dierks, is poised for scale. Andrew, like Keith, scores higher than most of the population in his propensity as a builder. Andrew scored higher than 94 percent of the population in his ability to see opportunities for disruption and take them by the horns!

The race is on for us to deploy our Murphy Vision Funds’ capital into ready-to-scale companies, we think Retail Aware will likely be among the first recipients.