A founder that makes it oh-so-easy to bet on her, Carina Glover, has proven the need for HerHQ and is racing through the build of the product’s first version.

HerHeadquarters is the new digital capitol for female business owners. The exclusive app, available to vetted users, makes it easier to secure quality brand collaborations with fellow women entrepreneurs for projects, events, and campaigns.

HerHeadquarters gives women a platform to work alongside female allies and build their empires faster.

We’re bullish on the customer pre-sell efforts she currently has underway. Carina is taking interested customers, found through her TSC customer discovery, and converting them to become an Ally on the app. 

In addition to the exciting and validating news on product-market fit, we were also pleased to learn that Carina scores in the top quartile of all entrepreneurs* for her:

  • Confidence, as demonstrated by her biased toward action and her incredibly poised presentation style
  • Delegation, no surprise that she’s building an authentic collaboration tool being that Carina is a proactive and effective collaborator herself
  • Independence, she’s proven that she is resolute, with a high level of confidence in every aspect of managing the startup thus far
  • And, when it comes to Risk, we have seen first-hand that Carina takes a rational approach to decision making and enthusiastically accepts new challenges

Like we said, an easy entrepreneur to bet on. Congratulations, Carina! One of many successful milestones yet to come!

*as defined by Gallup’s Builder Profile 10, proprietary science developed by TSC advisors: Principal Scientist Sangeeta Badal, Ph.D., and Global Channel Leader Todd Johnson for Gallup’s Entrepreneurship and Job Creation. The Gallup Builder Profile 10 is a critical outcome of TSC’s Role Coverage module. Cofounders Nathan Preheim and Erica Wassinger have been trained in the Builder Profile 10 assessment.