Another inspiring Breakthrough Weekend is in the books after we joined forces with the UNO Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Franchising over the weekend to help students and community members build businesses in 54 hours. Watching these teams develop their fledgling Friday night ideas into their final pitches Sunday afternoon confirms that with a Founder’s mindset, anyone can start up.

Here’s a brief overview of the problems participants worked on solving last weekend:

  • It’s easier than ever to become a creative or artists of various types, yet it is difficult to form collaborations with others to monetize, promote, and enhance those unique pieces of content.
  • It’s difficult to explore events and happenings relevant and exciting to me, and it’s also hard to promote events to the audience most likely to attend.
  • A visit to a doctor’s office often includes wasted time, poor planning, lack of communication, and scheduling hiccups, creating inefficiency for patients and the practice.
  • For some rural markets, finding talent is a challenge. Providing transportation to and from work becomes a hurdle for workers and employers in rural markets, and is rarely considered a work benefit.
  • Reading scholarly articles is cumbersome and time-consuming, and is not the only way to absorb information. There’s a lack of audio options for scholarly articles.
  • Time and money is lost when construction, design, and engineering firms have to re-do work. As you design a home, it is difficult for home owners to virtually see what the end product will be.

Hopefully we’ll see many of these ideas take flight through the TSC methodology. What a weekend!