Kyle Tut and Matt Ober, TSC residents and the team behind Piñata Overlay, had lots to celebrate when they returned from Berlin, Germany on September 10. They came home winners of ETHBerlin! While there, they competed against 64 teams composed of 363 hackers from around the globe building blockchain applications. The event, part of the greater ETHGlobal hackathon series, concluded Berlin Blockchain Week.

Piñata “improves your experience with decentralized file storage by deploying the underlying infrastructure so you don’t have to.” Those familiar with blockchain will understand it when I say they simplify IPFS with their easy API and toolkit. If you’re not a blockchain pro, let’s just say they’re helping make the decentralized future a reality.

To read more about the problems they were able to solve during their 36-hour, energy drink-enabled hacking marathon, head over to their blog post to read to your Ethereum-obsessed heart’s desire. We’re so proud of this team!