Another terrific team of founders coming at you this week!

Rachel Murdoch (left), and Shannon Snow.

Raise your hand if you have ever had to deal with too much stuff. I see you! Whether it’s your parents’ possessions or things in your own home, most adults have been there. Do you donate? Sell? Keep? Knowing what is “heir worthy,” what is “space worthy,” and what is neither can be difficult to manage… not to mention emotionally draining and mentally frustrating. Space Worthy will simplify the process of passing down, donating, and decluttering for your family. Obtaining an inventory is key here – and they’ll help you do that.

In LEVEL 3 // Messaging, Shannon, Rachel, Michelle and Daniel had to weed through some initial assumptions they had in order to clearly define their Unique Value Proposition. Questions raised included: Does the term “stuff” imply that it’s junk? Who will be the initial users? What are the customers’ true pains? After all, the Messaging must clearly define your value, and speaking the language of your customer can be the difference between success and failure.

Not only did they race through Levels 1-3 with incredible urgency, but they collected robust survey feedback that will definitely serve them well as they construct their wireframes in LEVEL 4 // MVP. We remain keen on this team, and rest assured – every member of the TSC team is itching to use this service. Look for this crew at the Get Started Omaha event on September 20th as they pitch their idea and compete for $10K!