Solutions derived from personal, problematic experience are noteworthy. There’s a certain level of authenticity and passion that exists in founders solving problems they witness or experience on the daily. Andy Cockle, a third-generation legal brief printer and TSC fellow, has years of experience that are boding well for him and his concept, Looking Glass. Andy’s clearly an expert in the field, which makes his solution extra special!

Paralegals, appellate attorneys, legal secretaries and others clearly find it annoying and time-consuming to create court and judge-customized briefs for each case they’re hoping to win. (Andy has verified this through tailored Problem Validation Surveying.) Looking Glass aims to automate court-compliant briefs every time, so law professionals can worry more about the case at hand and less about the headache-inducing paperwork.

Perhaps most exciting is the type of emerging technology that could easily work to enable automation and intelligent briefs (*cough* we’re pretty wired from our last NE->T Society Summit *cough*).  We’re happy to have someone like Andy in our TSC Tribe and can’t wait to help him hone some wireframes. LegalTech is upon us, people!