Let’s assume that your child isn’t quite a basketball protege – but they want to be! Today’s existing alternatives are high-priced trainers or one-size-fits-all YouTube videos. Either way, parents have a hard time quantifying results on the court.

Introducing HomeCourtHoops. HomeCourtHoops is app that allows parents, coaches, or players, to build a personal skill based workout plan specifically for the individual.  Users are able to follow a monthly plan that provides drills for shooting, dribbling, rebounding, defense, and basketball IQ. Whether you need help becoming a better player,  making varsity, or getting a college scholarship, HCH has built a plan to help you get there.

Headed up by a proven basketball coach, player, AND trainer, Jaedyn is scaling traditional 1:1 trainer interactions to make the teachings more convenient and accessible to anyone who wants to raise their game.

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Author // Nathan Preheim