We’ve made a few tweaks to our LEVEL 1 // Initiation work session recently.  Instead of running this module on-demand, we literally break bread with a small group of new fellows once a month. Over dinner, we properly acquaint and share startup stories.

“So what was your startup moment of inception?” is a common first or second question to each fellow.

Meet John. John’s concept is called IHeartYourHouse and he is one of our newest fellows.

Not too long ago, John, his wife, and their two beagles – Oscar and Felix – were taking an evening stroll through their neighborhood. “I’d love to be able to buy that house someday” John’s wife said as she gazed at one of the most picturesque houses on that block.

That single sentence was the catalyzing event that introduced a new startup concept into the world. Opportunity abounds – you just have to be prepared to look and listen for it.

Are you a homeowner or a home buyer? If so, help a fellow out and take this quick problem validation survey:


Author // Nathan Preheim