Any entrepreneur will tell you that the biggest feat in their journey was finding product-market fit. It’s elusive for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Hunches and assumptions rarely translate into real market demand. But, for those with a keen eye for problems worth solving and a steady finger on the pulse of customer demand, it’s within reach.

One such entrepreneur is progressing quickly through the fellowship DISCOVERY Phase. Karisa Malchow, founder of Stature, has made it past the LEVEL 2 // Lean Canvas + Lean Methods problem validation surveys with some of the highest response rates we have seen to date.

The problem she’s solving? It is extremely difficult to find clothing – especially trendy or reasonably priced – that fits tall women well.

One-hundred percent of survey respondents agreed that it is a problem — 100 percent!  And, to sweeten the outlook even more, 85 percent of those respondents are motivated to solve this problem. For context, we strive to get at least 40 percent of survey respondents to agree with the problem and another comparable percentage to say they’re actually motivated to solve it.

Karisa’s onto something. We’re eager to see how her customers respond to the solution validation survey as part of LEVEL 3 // Messaging.

Author // Erica Wassinger