Lately, we have had a handful of teams struggle to narrowly define their customer segments. It’s caused me to pause. “Why is this so hard?” I have written before about Eliminating Zombies and starting with 20 customers in mind. It seems so obvious. But it isn’t so obvious for founders who see the future state of their business. These visionaries tend to struggle with this early step of narrowing customer segments to just one or two targets. So how do we work through this challenge with our visionary founders?

“We have to start somewhere.” To get to the future state of our products, we need to build the flywheel. Helping our founders determine which of their potential customer segments to chase first requires thorough lead sourcing, diligent discovery within various segments and a constant check on our biases or assumptions.

It’s not easy. But, for markets that have really scalable opportunities, it is mandatory! It harkens back to a few of our core values as an organization: Biased toward action. We must take the starting steps to success. Always move forward. Inspired. Keep the vision. Keep the dream. Work toward it. Focused. Stay on track to achieve the many, many daily milestones that build toward that future state.

Author // Erica Wassinger