At The Startup Collaborative, we’re big fans of strong cofounding teams, there’s no better example than our LEVEL // 2 Lean Canvas + Lean Methods, adjuncts Brian Ardinger and Josh Berry. The two are co-founders of Econic, an organization dedicated to helping companies become more agile and adaptable, within the ever-changing marketplace — a cause we can definitely get behind!

Ardinger and Berry are also the hosts of  The Inside/Outside Podcast , this podcast takes a harder look at what trends are emerging in corporate innovation and venture and It’s definitely one of our favorite industry podcasts!

Here’s a closer look into one of our foundational modules in the fellowship LEVEL // 2 Lean Canvas + Lean Methods:

A startup is full of risks and, traditionally, scarce on resources. In this module, you’ll learn the basic ideas and tools of the Lean Startup, helping you to quickly learn and cheaply act as you de-risk your startup idea. We’ll focus on getting your Lean Canvas (think business plan 2.0) defined and set up for validation, and teach you the essentials of lean thinking.

Learn more about LEVEL // 2 Lean Canvas + Lean Methods and The Startup Collaborative’s fellowship here.

Author // Caty O’Brien