The elevator pitch. Something so succinct, so simple should be easy to write, right?


If you’ve gotten ahead of yourself you’ll default to listing the most compelling features. Or you’ll fill it up with trendy buzzwords. The more the merrier! Actually, that’ll sound forced and inauthentic. Don’t do that.

Crafting an effective overview of your business takes work. Expect lots of iterations. The best elevator pitches are inspiring, capture interest, and leave the listener wanting more. It’s an important outcome that we cover in LEVEL 3 // Messaging.

The LEVEL 3 // Messaging module is capped at 2 startups. Which encourages just enough dialog and discussion between teams. Orca Analytics and Family Spokes just completed it together. If you see them around ask the founders to describe their businesses.

I think you’ll like what you’ll hear.

Author // Nathan Preheim