Push Hospitality and Warple are working past MVP, led by Sumeet Jain, right now. Push is helping solve the challenge that 4 out of 5 restaurants fail because they don’t have competent managers who make data-driven decisions.

Warple wants to provide more certainty to polling, who has access to that information and how it is communicated. To prep for the work session, Malachi (founder of Push Hospitality) researched comparable MVPs… He was most intrigued by Buffer’s simple first problem to solve “tweet more consistently.” Watch how this insight will unfold as he builds out pushhospitality.co.

Jeff (founder of Warple) looking to reset the Warple MVP so he can gain the insights needed to “validate or invalidate” his solution. You’ll see that play out at warple.com.

Now, these teams are building their MVP plan (delivered value, process, time to complete and cost). They’ll get bonus points — likely beers or more badges! — for customer commitment based on wireframes. That’s not all… they’ve got to talk with 10 more customers to validate their wireframes.