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You asked for more learning tools, and we’re pleased to announce a brand-new benefit of Chamber membership: 

Let us lift the expense of continued education from you with an opportunity to grow greater – at your convenience.

Chamber members receive immediate access to three book summaries our experts choose from the library every month, fast-tracking you to success, and snowballing your success as a business expert. ( is the No. 1 book summary service for entrepreneurs, executives and business coaches.)



So here’s the deal. Depending on where you are reading this, you can expect to live anywhere from 70 to 84 year on this earth. As technology and medicine advance, these numbers have nowhere to go but up.

Here are the 6 core principles that Pixar embraced to go from a little known software startup on the brink of failure, to the world-beating powerhouse we know today.

Thinking Fast and Slow
In this summary, you’ll learn that the brain has two “systems” for making decisions, and why those decisions aren’t always made the way you thought they would be. 




The Relationship Edge
This book is a reminder that business always has, and always will be, about building relationships. Here’s how to build them powerfully.

The Challenger Sale
Want to be a more valuable salesperson? Want to be respected and admired by your customers? Do you want to be a challenger? Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson can show you how, right now.

Questions That Sell
Some questions sell more than others. Paul Cherry knows which ones do, and now you can too.


Be Fearless
When the Chairperson of National Geographic explored what enabled some people to create extraordinary change in the world while others couldn’t, she found five common threads. Here they are…

The Inevitable
Change is inevitable. Author Kevin Kelly lists the 12 “inevitable” forces that he believes will shape our future. Learn them now before your competition does.

A More Beautiful Question
Would the world be better off if we asked more and better questions? This is something that Warren Berger sets out to answer.

Program includes:

  • Engaging 12-minute videos summarizing more than 150 of the best personal-development books of all-time, including classics like “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and newer titles, such as “The One Thing”
  • Audio files
  • Text summaries
  • Conversation guides

Use this member benefit – when it’s convenient for you – to develop personally and professionally, and encourage the growth of your team. (It’s a ready-made lunch & learn program – and it’s yours to access free and forever.) If you’ve always wanted to read the world’s best business books, but just didn’t have time, then this is the benefit for you.


You and your team will:

  • Be motivated to apply the latest business thought-leadership to your work or life on a regular basis.
  • Be more engaged with you goals because you’re thinking more deeply about how to achieve them.
  • Be more creative and innovative in solving your business or personal challenges.


Lynda Shafer

Lynda Shafer

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