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You asked for more learning tools, and we’re pleased to announce a brand-new benefit of Chamber membership: 

Let us lift the expense of continued education from you with an opportunity to grow greater – at your convenience.

Chamber members receive immediate access to three book summaries our experts choose from the library every month, fast-tracking you to success, and snowballing your success as a business expert. ( is the No. 1 book summary service for entrepreneurs, executives and business coaches.)


Every month, Lynda will be choosing 3 books from our premium library and making those summaries available for you, right here. Make sure to check back here at the first of every month for new titles.



Gen Z at Work – Kids these days… Whatever you think you know about Generation Z is most likely wrong. This insightful summary will take you deeper into their psyche, motivations and expectations. Which will help reveal new ways to connect, manage and work with this empowered tribe.

The Culture CodeCompany culture can be one of the most misunderstood and under-appreciated elements of success. In this terrific book, Danial Coyle reveals what’s really important, and how to foster a culture that helps your team thrive.

Servant Leadership in ActionWhen you become a leader, you give up your right to think of yourself first. Servant leadership is a behavioral model about always putting others first.



Multipliers Some leaders destroy talent in their blind rush to succeed. Smarter leaders seek to multiply talent within their employees and companies. This summary can show you how to instigate growth by fostering talent.

The Lean StartupJust about every startup, doesn’t. They fail, implode, bankrupt and shatter dreams. But all is not lost. Follow Eric Ries theory and your startup may be one of the few to wildly succeed.

Getting Things DoneWhat will truly make you happy? This summary will give you the answer, but be warned, it may not be what you are expecting!


Program includes:

  • Engaging 12-minute videos summarizing more than 150 of the best personal-development books of all-time, including classics like “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and newer titles, such as “The One Thing”
  • Audio files
  • Text summaries
  • Conversation guides

Use this member benefit – when it’s convenient for you – to develop personally and professionally, and encourage the growth of your team. (It’s a ready-made lunch & learn program – and it’s yours to access free and forever.) If you’ve always wanted to read the world’s best business books, but just didn’t have time, then this is the benefit for you.


You and your team will:

  • Be motivated to apply the latest business thought-leadership to your work or life on a regular basis.
  • Be more engaged with you goals because you’re thinking more deeply about how to achieve them.
  • Be more creative and innovative in solving your business or personal challenges.


Lynda Shafer

Lynda Shafer

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