Business Assistance

We grow thriving companies.

We’re home to more than 45,000 businesses, including four Fortune 500 and five Fortune 1000 headquarters. We’re passionate about this community and the companies that thrive here. We work hard to keep the business climate friendly and taxes moderate. Our cost of living is low, our quality of life is high – and our steady economic growth is the envy of the nation.

Representing a two-state, seven-county region, we serve as a one-stop center for all of your economic development needs.


Avenues of assistance include:

  • Facilitating connections with funding and assistance agencies
  • Identifying buildings and sites
  • Providing detailed strategic demographic information
  • Measuring workforce availability and recruiting needs
  • Researching economic trends
  • Providing guidance for incentives and job training programs
  • Connecting you with the resources you need to move your business to the next level

Business Development and Expansion

Let’s partner to grow your business – and strengthen our communities.

Looking to move or expand your business? Let our team assist you with one of the most important business decisions you can make! Assistance is available in the following areas:

  • Connections and referrals to local resource providers
  • Incentives
  • Real estate
  • Workforce

We are here to help.


A comprehensive approach to ensuring our certified small and emerging businesses (SEBs) are ready to bid and capitalize on new projects – and reach their strategic goals.

Looking to move or expand your business? Let our team assist.

    Small Business is Our Business

    We are committed to providing programming and services to support our small businesses.

    • Help grow top-line business income
    • Help improve your bottom line
    • Create a business environment where business can thrive

    Nebraska Business Development Center

    Helping good businesses become better by offering educational opportunities for established and startup businesses, researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals.