We Ignite Change


We work together to create a strong business climate developing future elected officials and building our community’s worldwide brand and image.


Local Level 
We review local regulations and ordinances and advocate for the business community.

State Level 
We review and monitor all bills presented to the legislature, particularly those that will impact the business community, and testify at committee hearings to support the Chamber’s position.

Regulatory Environment
We pursue incentives and regulations that enhance economic growth.


Pro-Business Candidates
Our  financially supports pro-business candidates.

Candidate Academy
Founded to help potential candidates step forward, immerse in the political process and seek elected office.

Public Education
To ensure a skilled, future workforce, we are dedicated to:

Military Efforts
To keep the base strong, for its importance in our regional economy, we are dedicated to:

  • Developing, with stakeholders, a proactive strategy to withstand Base Realignment and Closure

Showcase our community
We Don’t Coast was created through a collaborative effort to unite the voices of the 30+ communities that make Omaha – Greater Omaha. For more information and to use the brand visit We Don’t Coast.

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