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Get to know Omaha and its surrounding communities by taking a personally curated tour — created by local YPs.

Neighborhood Itineraries

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At the annual YP event, INTRO, the Greater Omaha Chamber (GOC) Young Professional’s presented original, locally-curated itineraries or tours of neighborhoods in Omaha and its surrounding communities. These are available below for anyone to download and begin exploring their city — or the one next to it.

All the neighborhoods seen below were submitted by local volunteers, and as such, the places, directions and  messages are not representative of the Greater Omaha Chamber. Entries have been edited and some neighborhoods have been consolidated before publication.

If you would like to submit your own neighborhood tour idea to us, you still can. Please visit the link below to begin. More neighborhoods will be added at the discretion fo the GOCYP Council and its volunteers. If you have questions or concerns, please contact talent@omahachamber.org.

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Arbor Gate + West Omaha

Contributor: Assan & Kelly

Benson + Country Club

Contributor: Terry

Council Bluffs

Contributors: Lisa, Olyvia & Amy

Dahlman + Little Italy

Contributor: Alex


Contributor: Andrew & Angie

Gifford Park

Contributor: Matt

Field Club + Center St

Contributors: Melissa & Madeleine


Contributor: Cindy


Contributor: Kelsey

North Omaha

Contributor: Olyvia


Contributors: Lynn & Kacie

South Omaha

Contributor: Rebecca

New Neighborhoods Wanted!

We are looking to add to our arsenal of things to do in Omaha. We will review your submission, edit it for content and grammar, and may combine your ideas with another submission. Itineraries are created by volunteers and may take time to be published. If you have questions, contact talent@omahachamber.org.
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