Tri-Faith Initiative

The Tri-Faith Initiative fosters empathy, invites understanding, and advances common action between people of diverse faiths through the shared efforts of intentionally co-located congregations of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths and an interfaith center on one campus.

We imagine and work for a world in which religious differences are seen as an asset and strength to be celebrated, where people realize the ability to overcome fear and stereotypes and embrace one another.


Learn and Gather - Attend Tri-Faith programming to learn about the religious "other." Foster religious literacy and celebrate faith and cultural differences beyond theological doctrine. Create connections and friendships through listening to each other's stories to foster empathy, increase understanding, and build trust.
Serve and Act - Volunteer with the Tri-Faith Initiative to provide spaces where people can serve a larger purpose, nurture mutual respect and uphold the right of each to live one's own faith. Encourage discussion and action regarding how faith impacts personal, professional, and civic decision while promoting policies protecting religion, democracy, and a common commitment to justice.
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