Partnership for Kids

Partnership 4 Kids is a goal setting and group mentoring program that builds hope for under-served students and helps them create a foundation for success from kindergarten to careers.


Goal Buddies are caring volunteers who visit elementary school classrooms an average of once a month to focus on motivating student performance in reading, math, and life skills through goal setting and relationships. Goal Buddies work to support and motivate classrooms and students to do their best! Contact a member of our recruitment team by visiting our website:
Are you a connector in the community looking for a way to put your talents to work? Sign-up for P4K Service League! P4K Service League offers members the opportunity to network with other community movers and shakers while promoting the mission and work of P4K through their personal and professional contacts. Service league members increase the awareness of Partnership 4 Kids in our community and assist in the fundraising efforts and activities that will benefit the students in our program. If you would like to become a service league member or need more information, please contact Cheryl at 402-930-3082 or email