Omaha Public Power District Young Professionals Group

The Young Professional Group’s goal is to foster personal and professional growth by refining skills, raising leaders, and building meaningful relationships within OPPD and the community.


OPPD YPG embraces our Core Values of Passion to Serve, Care About Each Other, and Honor Our Community. Passion to Serve We're passionate in deepening our knowledge, strengthening our support systems, and and gaining empathy from our experiences.
2. OPPD YPG is a voice within OPPD on issues our membership cares about. Ideas raised by OPPD YPG have turned into conversations with our leaders and then policies and positions have been created within our organization. If you have an issue or idea for OPPD, the YPG can be your advocate.
3. Honor Our Community OPPD YPs regularly volunteers and educates those in our communities. If you have any opportunity, let us know becuase we're stronger together.