Omaha by Design

Omaha by Design was founded in 2001 by three forward-thinking community leaders as an effort to help make Omaha a better city by interjecting urban design principles and policy into the city’s master plan and ongoing development. The organization has worked for over a decade with city, public, and private stakeholders to conceptualize, create, and refine a series of critical landmark overlays, amendments, and policies that have been adopted and approved by Omaha Mayor and City Council. Omaha by Design has also facilitated or implemented large and small demonstration projects throughout the city to create illustrative examples of current best practice in urban design and policy.


Attend one of our educational programming sessions.
Development is happening around your city, let your voice be heard and attend a public hearing (i.e. City Council Meeting, Planning Board Meeting, etc.)
Continue or start to get engaged in your community (i.e. build relationships before you need them, get involved with your neighborhood association, initiate open dialogue with friends, families, neighbors, etc.)