Nebraska Shakespeare

Nebraska Shakespeare is committed to creating, engaging and inspiring the communities and individuals we serve through diverse practices and teachings, inclusion in all aspects of our work and equity for all. We will accomplish this through:

*The hiring of diverse staff. We aim to include people who have been historically underrepresented both on and off the stage in the industry and we strive to unite our community in these shared endeavors.

*Educational programs to underrepresented areas of our state. We acknowledge the disparity in population density and the economic barriers throughout Nebraska, and we create educational programs that promote equal opportunity, diversity, gender parity and inclusion.

*Creating events and experiences which are safe for open dialogue. We endeavor to engage in progressive dialogue surrounding diversity and inclusion with all or our stakeholders – board members, staff and artists, volunteers, audience members – so as to encourage a more equitable, fair and inclusive environment for all.

Our vision is to find ways to make Shakespeare a part of our society beyond the literature and drama classrooms and, for this reason, we provide opportunities for continued interaction and learning about the bard that are both free and accessible to a diverse audience.

We serve over 40,000 individuals annually through quality theatrical performances, educational programming, events and contests.

Our signature event, Shakespeare on the Green, provides admission-free Shakespeare to nearly 20,000 individuals and we can’t do it without the support of our volunteers. From setting up to passing out attendee survey's, we need you! This summers event will be held June 25th - July 12th. To learn more and sign-up, visit us at: Opprotunities are also needed year-round.
Stand up for the arts by reaching out to your state and local delegates in support of continued arts education and funding within Nebraska.
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