AIM Institute


Through education, career development, and outreach, the non-profit AIM Institute has fostered the growth of Omaha’s tech sector for more than 25 years.

AIM is a trusted steward of grant money from local businesses, foundations and the federal government. AIM was founded to help build tech talent in Omaha, and each year we serve thousands of current and future IT professionals and students. 

AIM promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in the tech sector by making outstanding educational opportunities and career training accessible to all, from elementary school through adulthood.

AIM understands that a more diverse and inclusive tech workforce will improve the sector for all. That’s why we help at-risk students graduate from high school, recruit women and minority students for AIM Code School, and award tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships each year. 

AIM is an essential contributor to economic development in the Omaha area and beyond, developing, growing, and retaining local tech talent that is critical to the success of area companies and entrepreneurs.

Our programs help place new tech talent in internships and entry-level positions, as well as train tech career professionals to enter leadership positions. Area tech leaders like Nathan Coberly at Physicians Mutual know there’s a lack of highly qualified tech talent, and they support AIM’s efforts to build this community. 

AIM addresses the unique needs of each tech professional, new or experienced, by connecting them with the mentors, career navigators, and resources they need to expand their skills and tech network and build a fulfilling career.

At AIM, we treat each program participant as an individual. Our unique approach to training, placing and supporting tech workers allows for a customized, highly tailored approach. From holding industry-celebrated events to connecting individuals with mentors, AIM’s personal care is what makes us unique.


Sponsor an AIM event and help grow the tech talent community, or become an AIM community member. AIM currently serves 1,250 students a year on average; our goal is to reach 2,000 a year. We can take a student through an entire year of programming at the Brain Exchange for just $500, including instructors, technology, and snacks during the programs. In other words, for less than the price of a daily cup of coffee, we can help change a student's life forever by sparking an early interest in technology. (
Mentor a student––We have year-round volunteering opportunities available at The Brain Exchange, our youth education center that provides free tech educational experiences to students ages 7–17. (
Teach an AIM Code School class or mentor an adult student. Share your expertise and build students’ knowledge and skills for the web. Your teaching contributions can increase the supply of technology talent for startups, small businesses, and corporations in the Midwest.