AIM Institute

Mission: The AIM Institute is an innovative not-for-profit that grows, connects, and inspires the tech talent community through career development and educational programs. Through these efforts, we improve thousands of lives across the Silicon Prairie. Our educational programs provide life-changing learning experiences and mentoring to grow future tech talent. Our career development services deliver inspirational, leading-edge training and Career resources dedicated to advancing and converting talent into tech.


Sponsor an AIM event and help grow the tech talent community, or become an AIM community member. AIM currently serves 1,250 students a year on average, but our goal is to reach 2,000 a year. We can take a student through an entire year of programming at the Brain Exchange for just $500, including instructors, technology, and even snacks during the programs. ( 
Mentor a student––We have year-round volunteering opportunities available at The Brain Exchange, our youth education center that provides free tech educational experiences to students ages 7–17. (
Teach an Interface class or mentor an adult student––Share your expertise and build students’ knowledge and skills for the web. Your teaching contributions can increase the supply of technology talent for startups, small businesses, and corporations in the Midwest.