Nondiscrimination Legislation Statement – Freedom for All Americans

Nebraska is a state of many slogans. There’s the ubiquitous “Go Big Red!” Here in Omaha, we’re partial to “We Don’t Coast” which captures our forward momentum and refusal to settle. And of course, we all believe in “The Good Life.” However, it seems that the original, and still official, motto of Nebraska is the one at the most risk of being forgotten: “Equality Before the Law.”

Despite this bold and inclusive statement, our LGBTQIA+ community remains at the margins. They don’t have the same protections of equal access to housing, employment, and public services. They deserve protection from discrimination.

We are proud Nebraskans. We love our state and its people. We value a collaborative community that empowers all young professionals. We call on our leaders to pass non-discrimination legislation that protects the LGBTQIA+ community. Only then will we form a more inclusive Nebraska and ensure our beloved state remains competitive in retaining talent, attracting businesses, and growing our economy.

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