Can you believe it is 2021? That means the YP Summit will be here before we know it! The Summit is a way to grow and develop personally and professionally. We are excited to give attendees the opportunity to attend four breakout sessions over the two-day event. Even better is that these breakout sessions are highlighting the knowledge and talent of people from our own community. For each of the sessions, attendees will choose one of three breakouts to attend.

The morning of Thursday, March 4, is breakout session one. Candace Doby of Candace Doby LLC is leading Choosing Courage: 3 Steps to Help Young Leaders Speak Up, Stand Out and Stay True to Themselves. In this presentation, composed with the perfect blend of storytelling and research, Candace Doby teaches audiences a three-part process to leverage the tools of courage to manage fear and express their uniqueness in the workplace. Robyn Burnett from Methodist-Best Care EAP will be presenting Open Door: Bringing Mental Health into Your DEI Efforts. Whether you’re in a leadership position or a peer, we all have a role in familiarizing ourselves with mental health and how it seeps into the workplace, and, ultimately a role in helping to create a more mental health friendly workplace. Jeff Shannon with Bravium HD brings us Earn a Seat at the Table: Five Strategies for Increasing Your Influence and Finally Feeling Heard. In this empowering and entertaining session, you will learn the five unexpected and essential choices for becoming more influential and finally feeling like you have a seat at the table.

Breakout sessions two is after lunch on Thursday. Lona Smart with Revela brings us What’s Guiding You and Your Future? This session will help you explore and articulate your personal core values and purpose statement to become the best version of yourself. Daniel Lawse of Verdis Group and Alysia Radicia or RDG Planning & Design help us learn How to Accept When Things Don’t Go ‘According to Plan’. This session will be an honest take on grief, loss, and what it means when life doesn’t go according to plan. Attendees will learn how to embrace change and what tools they can use to build resilience in an ever-changing world. Vicki Buatista and Gretchen Oltman, both with Creighton, will talk about Breaking Up with Burnout. By the end of this engaging session, you have a keen awareness for when burnout is creeping up on you as well as a strategic plan for parting ways with burnout once and for all.

Friday, March 5, brings us breakout session three in the morning. Leia Baez from Douglas County, Nebraska will present How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Discover Your Best Self.  In this session you will learn how to use the time audit exercises and mindset techniques that have propelled Leia Baez’s career to the next level. Katie Bassett and Kristyna Engdahl, both with Metropolitan Entertainment & Convention Authority, will discuss The RiverFront: Downtown Omaha’s Future. This session will provide exciting project updates and seek input for activation ideas for the changing landscape of downtown Omaha. Dr. Ed Horwitz from Creighton leads How Your Financial Psychology Determines Your Financial Success (or Lack Thereof…). In this interactive workshop you will learn how financial psychology impacts an individual’s success and learn how to harness the power of financial psychology to reach your goals.

Our final breakout sessions are late morning of March 5. Candi Jones from Mutual of Omaha presents Person Soup: What It Means to Dissolve (Lose Your Identity) and How to Find You Again. This session explores that when life happens, those circumstances both within and beyond your control; you are faced with a decision. Continue to operate as you always have, hiding the most authentic parts of you, or, decide to embrace the confusion, the loss, the grief, the pain and the experience. Julian Young of The Start Center for Entrepreneurship presents Heroes Academy: How Poverty’s Cure Lies Within the Entrepreneur. This workshop is designed to unleash the entrepreneurial, inventive, and innovative nature that lies within us all to cultivate world changers who know their value and are willing to answer their call to improve this world. Dr. Alan Patterson from Mentore shares How to Take Control of Your Career Development. This session will explore that the key to an engaging and meaningful career is to stop worrying about being the best, redefine what success looks like, and build relationships with people to help them succeed.

All of these breakout sessions will highlight professional development, personal development, and community and wellness. Attendees can’t go wrong with whatever breakout they choose – it’ll be a hard decision to make! Join us, and our inspiring presenters, in March!

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